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What does TTYL mean?

Did anybody tell you at some point TTYL in a chat online environment and you were left only with the unanswered question “what does TTYL mean?” Well, it’s time to find out everything there is to know about one of the most frequently used text abbreviations in text-based communication! Welcome to the Guess the Text answers level 17 page, the only place where this text acronym receives a full explanation!

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TTYL or ttyl (as both upper case and lower case usages are perfectly acceptable) are the Internet shorthand for saying “talk to you later”, which, in turn, is a way of saying “goodbye”, or “we’ll talk again very soon” in a very informal manner.

One of the most frequently used combinations of Internet texting abbreviations is “GTG TTYL” which means “Got to go, talk to you later” as a quick, informal way of leaving a conversation fast. Internet conversation rules say you should never use this abbreviation in formal emails, text messages or instant chat environments.

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TTYL – Talk to you Later

TTYL texting acronyms