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What does IRL mean?

You have to really understand ‘what does IRL mean’ today, as this is one of the few text abbreviations which changed meaning along the years. It is an interesting exception in the evolution of texting acronyms and you’ll learn about it if you read our Guess the Text answers, hints and explanations we offer below. Text abbreviations usually keep their use in time, but this one is really special.

By learning about text acronyms you also get to learn about the evolution of society in the framework of the technological rise we witness every day. This is why Guess the Text is a pretty educational game, especially if you take the time to read our Guess the Text cheats, hints, tips and explanations. So let’s see ‘what does IRL mean’ in our contemporary times!

Today “IRL” means “in real life” as a way to suggest that people disclose personal real life information about them or post pictures about themselves, as the other ones see and get to know them better.

The more seasoned Internet user remembers perhaps that IRL is as old as ancient chat rooms. Back in the day, at the beginnings of the Internet, people would say “I IRL” or “me IRL”. It was a way to emphasize on the fact that a text-based via computer conversation was over. They were inviting the chat partner to talk “in real life”, not in a chat room. If the text was initially used to hide an online statement of the self, now it has become one.

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IRL – In Real Life

IRL texting acronyms