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What does SITD mean?

Texting is an important part of our communication system nowadays. But if you’re still unsure ‘what does SITD mean’ in phone texting or Facebook chatting, it means there are some texting acronyms you need to learn fast, as you’ll get behind on your communication skills. Welcome to the Guess the Text answers level 14 page! You’re here because you want to beat the game by solving all the text abbreviations challenges and we are here to deliver!

This game is fun to play by children and adults alike, as it has an important instructional side to it, introducing people into the realm of a new language we cannot ignore. Text acronyms and text abbreviations are everywhere and we have to adapt to this new environment. So let’s see ‘what does SITD mean’ and improve our texting skills!

When you have a text-based Internet chat with a friend or an acquaintance and you tell them you’re SITD it means you are “still in the dark”. You should know that even if SITD is used frequently in text conversations with this meaning, it also represents an acronym used with other meanings, depending on the context. For instance, it means “Society for Information Technology Development” in India and “Strategic Information and Technology Development” when it comes to the US Department of Homeland Security.

We use SITD to suggest to the other conversation partner that you still have no idea what they are talking about, or what is the possible solution for a presented problem. SITD is used to express confusion, mostly. Now we hope you’re not STID when it comes to this text acronym meaning and uses!

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SITD – Still in the Dark

SITD texting acronyms