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What does XOXO mean?

What does XOXO mean and why is it used in this manner are two questions that elicited plenty of debates along the years. Here on the Guess the Text answers level 13 page you will find out the meaning of one of the most used and loved text abbreviations of modern times. Also, you’ll be able to use the text acronym correctly in future conversations.

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The famous TV show “Gossip Girl” made the XOXO abbreviation equally famous, but it wasn’t the TV show which invented this Internet slang text. XOXO stands for “hugs and kisses” and now it is a very common text and one of the most frequently used texting abbreviations. You will also find it as XO – which means the same thing. The double use of the letters is considered to convey the plural form of the nouns.

This particular text elicited a lot of theories along the years and people still haven’t decided what the Xs and the Os mean. The X is said to stand for the “kiss”, as it mimics the sound two people make when they kiss. The O is said to be suggested by the posture of two people hugging, while seen from ABOVE. There are theories which argument on the contrary: O stands for rounded lips, suggesting kissing, while X stands for the arms and legs of a person. Whatever theory you agree with, it’s however clear that XOXO is used to express “hugs and kisses” and people place it in various types of messages.

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XOXO – Hugs and Kisses

XOXO texting acronyms