Guess the Text Answers Level 12:

What does L8R mean?

While we don’t truly believe that you don’t know ‘what does L8R mean’, it’s our duty to offer you the full Guess the Text answers level 12, hints and cheats so you can figure out all the text abbreviations featured by this entertaining and addictive game. Never again ask yourself “what does this mean in texting” as after you finish the game and learn our Guess the Text answers and explanations, you’ll be a master in Internet slang talk!

Some text abbreviations and text acronyms are pretty intuitive, others require you learn them as they are and employ them in the correct contexts. You might say this game is educational and instructional, so take advantage of our Guess the Text answers and cheats and learn a new language! Now let’s see what does L8R mean and level up!

There is little to say about L8R – meaning “later”, except maybe that number 8 is quite frequent in abbreviating Internet texts and even names. Have you ever seen a label reading “Str8”? Well, L8R reads “later” and it’s pretty frequent when it comes to computer-based chatting.

We’d like to seize the opportunity given by this text and remind you that many word-image puzzles can be solved if you literally read out loud what you see in the pictures. This is a tip you should remember not only while you play the Guess the Text game, but also when you engage in other puzzle-type mobile app games.

Guess the Text Answers –

L8R – Later

L8R texting acronyms