Guess the Text Answers Level 11:

What does POV mean?

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We have to warn you the game is trickier and trickier and you’ll stumble upon hard to understand texting acronyms. Some of them are frequently used, while others are not so common in text-based communication. Don’t worry; we don’t just explain ‘what does POV mean’, but we offer full Guess the Text answers and cheats!

We are more than familiar with this acronym, as we met it a long time ago in literature. Stories written from the first person POV are usually stories narrated by the main character. Along the years, the term made its way into cinema and, let’s be honest, into the porn industry as well. POV means “point of view” in any given context.

This abbreviation also made its way into business and industry. For instance, advertising agencies use the so-called POV reports. These are meant to help the agency’s clients to assess different advertising options and choose the ones that fit best their products or profiles.

Guess the Text Answers –

POV – Point of View

POV texting acronyms