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What does SUP? mean?

We have to answer one more question only: what does SUP? mean? Of course, we are on the Guess the Text answers and explanations page to help you give the game the correct solution. Among all text abbreviations and texting acronyms, this one has one of the funniest origins. It was used a very long time ago and it’s a shorter version of a famous slang word.

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One upon a time, in slang talk, the word “wassup” was quite popular. If you remember the early 2000s, there was even a song called “Wassup”, played by Da Muttz and released in 2001 (a spin-off of McHammer’s “Can’t touch this” hit). From “wassup” we ended using the “sup” word, which is Internet shorthand for “what’s up?”

This is an introductory text abbreviation we use to ask a conversation partner “what’s up”, usually in the beginning of that day’s conversation. It is not used as a per se inquiry, but a way of just saying “hello.” Some people actually answer to the question by saying what they are doing at the moment, while others deflect the question, acknowledge the “hello” and continue the conversation from there.

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SUP? – Whats Up

SUP texting acronyms