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You know this game is rather short, but it is perfect when you need to spend a few minutes in a fun and challenging manner, especially when you get bored or are stuck in some dull waiting situation. The developers from Alkaline Labs wanted to give you something to make you put your brain to work and keep you entertained without a serious involvement in a long-lasting game.

So what’s to expect from the next 12 levels? As you got used to by now, you will meet famous car brand logos you will have to guess just by looking at some visual cues. You have to know that some of the car brands logos are fully presented, while some are just partially displayed. Are you familiar with luxury car brands logos? How about some more or less known European car brands logos? If you stumble upon a car logo you don’t know, come here in a jiffy, read our Guess the Car Brand Logos Quiz answers, cheats and explanations, and press on the correct answer button! You will reach the finish line in no time and you’ll also learn with this given occasion a lot of new and fun stuff about car brands and companies! Good luck and have fun!

LEVEL 31 – LOTUS Hints: - This Lotus logo displays a rounded green triangle inside a yellow roundel, with letters C, A and B on top of the triangle and letter S under the three overlapped initials. Of course, the letter S is the last one in the full name of this car name – LOTUS. - There are many ways you can find the Lotus logo in car logo quizzes, but this time you have a rather complete emblem.If you’re into racing, then you surely know this is a famous British sports cars company with a long history in Formula 1 competitions. For over a decade, the company belongs to Proton. Today it makes both powerful race cars and mainstream cars for the general population – known for their high quality and maneuverability. LEVEL 32 – LANDROVER Hints: - What we have here is a partial representation of the Land Rover logo – a green oval with only letter “o” displayed in the middle. The full car brand logo features the complete name of the company in silver letters. - Another British car brand logo and company, Land Rover is mostly known for its four wheel vehicles, a symbol of stability, reliability and comfort no matter the environment.The company has been making some of the oldest models of all-terrain vehicles, being among the pioneers in this field. It also has few competitors, but it is in a fierce contest with Mercedes on the four wheel market since the dawn of time. LEVEL 33 – LAMBORGHINI Hints: - What you see here is the famous Lamborghini logo: a rounded triangle in black with a narrow golden rim featuring a golden snorting bull inside. - You say European car brands logos, we say luxury car brands logos and even supercars brands logos, as the Lamborghini logo is among the best known when we talk about mind-blowing design, speed, strength and power. Italians know how to make supercars that meet both need of speed and comfort. Even if the company belongs now to the German manufacturer Volkswagen, Lambo cars are still high-end sports cars with an impeccable reputation among speed junkies with money. LEVEL 34 – ROLLS ROYCE Hints: - The Rolls Royce logo you see here is represented by a silver rectangle featuring two letters R and two smaller R and E letters in opposite corners. This makes the whole logo look like a playing card. Of course, in the full logo, the R above comes from Rolls, and the E below is the last letter in the name Royce. - You don’t see this logo in the streets too often, not because the brand is extinct, but because these cars are so expensive, few can afford them.Did you know that Rolls Royce still makes cars featuring the opposite system of door opening? It is a rarity in today’s world, but this British company values tradition like none other. The cars are huge, opulent, luxurious, and expensive and sporting the best there is, from technology to the smallest design finishing. LEVEL 25 – CADILLAC Hints: - The Cadillac logo you see here simply presents a silver/ gray coat of arms inside a laurel wreath. The full Cadillac logo, however, shows the correct coat of arms in red, black, yellow and blue stripes. - This is a famous American carmaker known for its high-end, extremely luxurious and large vehicles. Don’t get fooled by the French sounding name, the company is using it to praise the French explorer who discovered Detroit. It is still, however, a full American company making an all American car which is synonym with comfort, wealth and a certain social status. Cadillac cars belong to the category generally known as “American muscle” cars. LEVEL 36 – PORSCHE Hints: - The Porsche logo features the Stuttgart City Coat of Arms and the Wurttemberg one – or at least a stylized version of a combination between the two – we have antlers, red, black and golden stripes, the word “Stuttgart” in the middle, above a prancing horse, displayed in a smaller emblem. - You may say this is a logo inside a logo, but when it comes to internationally famous car brands logos, this one has no match. Porsche is a company that is famous for its hi-tech cars that boast also comfort, luxury and matching prices. They own shares in other car making companies and they are still ranked among the best producers of sports and luxury vehicles in the world. If there are a few concept cars out there ready to blow your mind at the next auto show, be sure this automaker made one of them! LEVEL 37 – ALFA ROMEO Hints: - The Alpha Romeo logo is displayed here partially. We have a blue roundel split in two halves. One half features a red cross, while the other features a green snake. Everything is beautifully outlined by fine golden rims. On the wide blue border of the roundel you can see a golden letter M – coming from Alfa Romeo. - Back to Italian car brands logos, aren’t we? Many people wonder about the Alfa Romeo logo meaning and all we can say it features the main elements of the Milan city coat of arms. This Italian car manufacturer is known for decades for its beautifully designed cars, a statement of class, luxury and power. Given that they are Italian, these cars don’t lack super speed either, and as proof, we can tell you these cars have been racing and winning since 1911 in world-wide famous competitions. LEVEL 38 – VAUXHALL Hints: - The Vauxhall logo you see here consists of a red roundel with a silver griffin holding a flag which displays letter V. - It is a rather simple and elegant logo and you will see it quite often in other ‘Guess the Car Brand Logo Quiz’ answers pages and lists. Vauxhall is for Great Britain what Opel is for the rest of the European continent. This means that we are talking about a British company making passenger cars for the UK – while being a subsidiary of Adam Opel AG. LEVEL 39 – NISSAN Hints: - The Nissan logo looks incredibly simple. It features a silver circle with a silver band crossing the circle horizontally, in two equal halves. The full company logo also features the name NISSAN inside the horizontal band, but you can’t leave that in a car brand logo guessing game, can you? - Nissan is an independent Japanese car maker which built its reputation on large, powerful, comfortable and impressive looking cars. Today the carmaker is a part of the Renault – Nissan Alliance and is also responsible for selling the highly appraised Infiniti and Datsun brands. LEVEL 40 – MINI Hints: - What’s a black roundel inside a pair of open silver wings? The answer is simple: this is the Mini logo. The full company emblem also sports the name of the brand inside the small black roundel. - As much as we’d love American cars or European cars, when it comes to iconic British cars, you don’t have a choice but praise the Mini, the sixties’ car of choice. Today Mini is still manufactured by the British Motor Company and is still one of the most successful economy cars in the world. Not to mention that Mini models are so beautiful, you can’t resist them. LEVEL 41 – ASTON MARTIN Hints: - This Aston Martin logo you see here sports a pair of open wide wings and a simple green band in between. The full logo also displays the Aston Martin name in white inside the green band. - Did you know this emblem has been in use since 1987 and is considered to be one of the most iconic luxury car brands logos in the world? As we said, when it comes to British cars, all you have to do is take a bow before the hi-tech, luxury, power, style, class and reputation these vehicles feature, no matter their brand. However, when it comes to these cars in particular, the company has been made famous by the James Bond movie series, as the first match between the famous spy and this British luxury sports cars brand was made in 1964, in the movie “Goldfinger”. LEVEL 42 – BENTLEY Hints: - The Bentley logo features an eagle’s tale in what looks like a roundel with large open wings. Inside the roundel there is a black emblem. This is all the game offers, but you should know that the full Bentley logo also features the white initial B inside the black roundel. - This is the last logo featured in the game and on this Guess the Car Brand Logo Quiz answers list and walkthrough. We have this last entry before the finish line, so let’s talk about British luxury and opulence since once more. Bentley was making aero-engines once upon a time, but now it is focused solely on producing high-end top of the line luxury cars. This is again one of the many companies owned by Volkswagen.

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