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Heath Ledger
George Clooney
Kate Hudson
Will Smith
Leo DiCaprio
Matt Damon
Bradley Cooper
Robert Redford
John Travolta
Al Pacino

1. Heath Ledger

– This photo shows us the actor’s brown eyes, nose and cheeks.

– Letters Combination: DGEETHA AEEHLGR

– Unfortunately, this brilliant young actor died in his prime, not too many years ago. However, some Heath Ledger movies will remain immortal in history, just like himself, because Heath Ledger as the Joker represents perhaps one of the most memorable character interpretations of all times.
– In his last finished movie he played a villain who wanted to kill a certain man in a black cape. He won an Oscar for this role and it was awarded posthumously. The award was accepted by his father, mother and sister.

2. George Clooney

– In this photo you can see this famous actor’s brown eye, nose and cheek.

– Letters Combination: GEEOEOL NRUGYOC

– This sexy, grey-haired actor rose to fame in a television series about the emergency room of an American hospital. It’s been a long way since then, but now George Clooney is one talented, famous and sexy actor with an impressive movie portfolio. The George Clooney movies list include comedies, action flicks, romances and some very successful collaborations with other movie celebs, including Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock.
– A certified bachelor, this actor is also a very talented director with a penchant for politics.

3. Kate Hudson

– From this upper half face close up you can see this actress’s brown eyebrows, green eyes, nose and smooth skin.

– Letters Combination: ODAKETN UHSTHDN

– She is almost as famous as her mother, Goldie Hawn, and she loves starring in romantic comedies where she plays the sexy bombshell. The Kate Hudson movies collection include some successful titles, but one of the things she is mostly loved for is her sparkling personality and her ability to light up a room with her presence.
– She is currently married to a rocker, has two sons and a killer body that she isn’t afraid to show off, an example of this hot attitude being the many Kate Hudson nude pictures everybody saw at least once.

4. Will Smith

– This picture displays an African American actor’s large and unmistakable ear.

– Letters Combination: BLHVILD WTSZIMA

– This funny man has been acting since he was a young boy (or a young prince in Bel Air) and he is a very prolific actor, starring mainly in action movies. The Will Smith movies list include the famous Independence Day and the Men in Black series, not to mention the new movie he’s done with his son.
– He’s married to an actress and they have two children together. The kids are also involved in the entertainment business. Let’s not forget that Will Smith began his career as a rapper, but the truth is he acts better than he sings.

5. Leo DiCaprio


– This close up focuses on the actor’s blue green left eye and a portion of his cheek.

– Letters Combination: DOPACEI RPITIOL

– This handsome American actor has been acting ever since he could talk, but the role that gave him the most visibility and the status of a sex-symbol was that of a young man who won a pair of tickets on ship that was to sink. Since Titanic, Leonardo Di Caprio became an international movie star, very close to win an Oscar. The Leonardo Di Caprio movies list includes famous titles and box – office hits and his acting career is on an ascending path.
– He’s loved by many people, including Martin Scorsese and almost all of Victoria’s Secret models.

6. Matt Damon

– This photo shows us a brown haired actor with a large forehead and blue eyes.

– Letters Combination: MDTTAON DNMARRO

– This chameleon actor is truly talented. He’s even played the role of a very talented man, opposite Jude Law. The Matt Damon movies collection is spectacular and he also won an Oscar Award. He can play anything from comedy to drama and he’s also famous for his long – time friendship with Ben Affleck.
– He was also the lead in a trilogy where he was an agent who lost his memory after being shot in a mission. The Bourne trilogy turned him into an action movie superstar.

7. Bradley Cooper

– Here we have a red haired actor, but the close up focuses more on his blue left eye.

– Letters Combination: OEEACOD RPEBLYR

– When this man gets a hangover, he does it in style! No, we’re just kidding, this actor takes good care of himself and he’s got the body to prove it. Bradley Cooper movies are always an eternal source of entertainment and acting skills. The Hangover series made him a superstar, while his newer films and collaborations will certainly propel him among the most beloved movie celebs of our times. If you’re expecting a Bradley Cooper new movie, wait until 2015, as he has many projects in his sleeve.
– He’s starred alongside Jennifer Lawrence in 3 movies and for one of them was nominated for an Academy Award.

8. Robert Redford

– This black and white close up focuses on an old actor’s right side, detailing the eyebrow and the eye.

– Letters Combination: RTBRREO DRFERDT

– This handsome 77 year old actor was once considered the most attractive man on Earth and many believe that Brad Pitt looks a lot like him.
-This blond actor has received two Academy Awards, one in 2002 for Lifetime Achievement and in 2014 he was declared by Time magazine as one of the most influential people in the world. There are countless Robert Redford movies that prove his titanic acting talent and his charm and he is synonym with the Great Gatsby. However, if you are looking forward for a Robert Redford new movie, you should know he takes a swing at producing movies and we will see some of his projects in the years to come.

9. John Travolta

– This close up displays the actor’s forehead, short brown hair, blue right eye and nose base.

– Letters Combination: NHTOJOA ATVXWLR

– He’s a scientologist who has been known to dance his way to women’s hearts back in the day.
– He entered a cone of shadow, but was reintroduced to fame by Quentin Tarantino who put him in one of his most famous movies, starring Uma Thurman. The John Travolta movies collection includes famous titles, as he proved himself a versatile actor and a good villain character from time to time.

10. Al Pacino

– This close up shows an actor and his left side eyebrow and brown eye. It also shows you a lot of wrinkles.

– Letters Combination: NOMAICL PUJIAJL

– This 74 year old actor who has never married is famous for playing mobsters and angry characters. There is little left to say about the Al Pacino movies. He is a titan of cinema and a legendary actor who gives a brilliant performance every time. Pacino will remain immortal for his role in the Godfather, but also for his collaborations with De Niro and other grand actors and directors.
– One of his most famous roles is that of a blind person who teaches a young man the about life; he got an Oscar for his performance.