Congratulations! You’ve made it to level 4 in Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition! It wasn’t that hard, was it? Not with our informative hints, it wasn’t. We’ve got 20 more hints, two for every celebrity; enough for you to figure it out who’s who without too much trouble. However, as you noticed from the previous Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition answers pages, we provide you also with interesting information about each and every movie celeb listed, so you can have fun playing the game and refresh your memory regarding your favorite movie stars.

If you still can’t guess the movie star, then we recommend you ask a friend or use our hints and browse online for an answer. Whatever you do, though, do not give up! You’ve only got 6 more levels to go and it would be a shame to quit now, when you’ve come this far. So! Enjoy the Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 4 Answers Page and don’t forget to share with your friends all the Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition answers for all the levels!

Kate Beckinsale
Angelina Jolie
Jodie Foster
Geoffrey Rush
Keira Knightley
Hugh Grant
Denzel Washington
Johnny Depp
Danny Devito
Charlie Sheen

1. Kate Beckinsale

– This picture shows the left half face of an actress, displaying her brown long hair, brown eye, and nose.

– Letters Combination: BEIEATE CNAKKSL

– This stunning actress is famous for playing a good vampire on a successful movie franchise. However, the Kate Beckinsale movies list includes more than Underworld. She starred in successful movies partnering up with ionic movie celebs, including Leo DiCaprio. Also, there are some Kate Beckinsale nude scenes and sexy pictures that confirmed she is a very hot and talented actress that deserves all our attention.
– She was involved in an 8-year relationship with Masters of Sex star, Michael Sheen.

2. Angelina Jolie

– This close up shows an actress’s brown hair, eye and cheek.

– Letters Combination: ALVNNII GEJLEOA

– Some say she is the most beautiful woman in the world, while others praise her humanitarian work. She’s a Special Envoy of UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres, she’s got a pilot’s license and she’s known for delivering goods and foods in hard to reach areas.
– She’s been with Hollywood’s hottest man for 10 years and they’ve had a plethora of children together (both adopted and biological). Angelina Jolie movies list includes dramas, action films and thrillers and some particular parts that made her a legend in the cinema world. Many people wanted to see Angelina Jolie nude and she offered quite a lot of hot moments on screen, but she is beyond her beauty and sexy look. A great actress and a courageous movie producer, Angelina still has a lot to show in the movie world.

3. Jodie Foster

– This close up focuses on the actress’s red hair and blue left eye.

– Letters Combination: TRJEOFO DJSEIVE

– This actress has one of the highest IQs in Hollywood and she’s been acting in movies ever since she was a little girl. The Jodie Foster movies collection includes some historic masterpieces that brought her not only 2 Oscar awards, but also international fame.
– She recently came out as a lesbian and married Ellen DeGeneres’ old girlfriend.

4. Geoffrey Rush

– This right half – face close up shows an actor’s brown eyebrow, blue eye and nose.

– Letters Combination: EGOREYG FSFHRFU

– This Australian actor is one of the few people who have won the triple crown of acting: an Academy Award, a Tony Award and an Emmy.
– Although his main love is the theater, you might have seen him in the movie Shakespeare in Love and more recently in one of Disney’s pirate franchise movies. Of course, Pirates of the Caribbean is the series in question. The Geoffrey Rush movies list is quite impressive. His filmography includes titles such as King’s Speech (where he played together with Colin Firth), Shine, Les Misérables and many other more.

5. Keira Knightley

– This close up captures the lower half of an actress’ face, showing her brown curly hair and mouth.

– Letters Combination: KYAINGE LRKIETH

– She is a British beauty who is famous for her pout and slim figure and is one of Britain’s most successful actresses that have managed to hit it big in the US. The Keira Knightley sex scene in the movie Atonement is quite iconic in the movie industry, but her portfolio includes many other successful titles such as Silk, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pride and Prejudice and many more.
– She’s recently been the title character in a movie about a Russian woman who commits suicide by getting run over by a train. Anna Karenina won one Oscar, pushing Keira one step forward towards Hollywood immortality.

6. Hugh Grant

– This photo shows an actor’s blue right eye and centers on his nose.

– Letters Combination: ENEYKHA GJYSNWO

– He’s British, charming and an actor who is best known for starring in romantic comedies. The Hugh Grant movies list includes some memorable collaborations (with gorgeous women nonetheless, such as Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Sarah Jessica Parker) and a few legendary titles also.
– He’s been through a sexual scandal when the police caught him in the car doing the nasty with a sex worker. Liz Hurley wasn’t happy about that.

7. Denzel Washington

– This close up focuses on the upper half of an African American actor’s face, allowing us to see his forehead and black eyes.

– Letters Combination: LWABNGT NHMSIVO

– This African-American celebrity is simply irresistible and he knows it; he’s played mostly strong characters and he loves doing thrillers. The Denzel Washington movies list is long and full of successful titles which brought him an Oscar award two times now.
– He plays alongside Ethan Hawke in a famous 2001 movie about a narcotics officer, and a rogue detective who isn’t at all what he appears and this is only one of his iconic roles, but if you are waiting for a Denzel Washington new movie, the year 2014 has a surprise for you.

8. Johnny Depp

– The picture shows this actor’s nose, mouth and goatee and a portion of his blue sunglasses.

– Letters Combination: NOPWNOW JYPDYEH

– Back in the 90’s there wasn’t a teenage girl who didn’t wish for this brunette heart throb, but he only had eyes for Kate Moss and Winona Ryder. He is said not to age at all, because this bad boy looks hot and amazing just as he looked 20 years ago.
– He’s bought an island with the money he earned playing a funny pirate in a Disney movie franchise. However, Johnny Depp movies list comprises of masterpieces, as this is perhaps the most versatile, bizarre, funny, creepy and charming actor in Hollywood. They say some roles wouldn’t be now what they are without him and some movies couldn’t be starred by anyone else but him. An acting genius, Depp was nominated for 3 Oscars and has a bunch of projects for our entertainment in the future.

9. Danny Devito

– This is a center face close up, showing us the actor’s brown eyes, nose, chubby cheeks and glasses.

– Letters Combination: EDPNKYI DYVTNAO

– Danny DeVito was all the rage in the 80’s and 90’s. He’s funny and incredibly short, only 5ft tall, and yet, the Danny DeVito movies include iconic masterpieces of comedy and action flicks.
– He’s been married for over 30 years to Rhea Perlman, an actress who rose to fame in Cheers.

10. Charlie Sheen

– The picture shows this actor’s brown eyebrow and eye, together with his nose base.

– Letters Combination: NCISHAD EEMEHRL

– This actor is the Hollywood’s baddest boy and is famous for his crack shenanigans, including a meltdown, a couple of years ago, when he said that he’s got Tiger blood running in his veins. He is also famous for the booze, the drugs, the women and the scandals. However, the Charlie Sheen movies list includes some famous titles that prove he is not just a loose cannon, but a talented actor.
– He was fired from the very successful sitcom he was starring in as the lead for badmouthing the show’s creator. He’s also got a famous brother and father.