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Charlize Theron
Ewan McGregor
Kevin Bacon
Julia Roberts
Dustin Hoffman
Jack Nicholson
Nicole Kidman
Mila Kunis
Daniel Day Lewis

1. Schwarzenegger

– The picture shows you an actor with a relatively strong jaw, white the close – up focuses most on his nose, mouth and chin.

– Letters Combination: EEESZNH WRCRAGG

– Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-born American actor who is famous for his strong accent and muscles, having been Mr. Olympia for many years.
– He’s played a cyborg assassin sent from the future to kill a woman because she would give birth to a boy that would save the word from being taken over by evil robots. The sequel of the movie was a much bigger success and in this one he was a cyborg who protected the young boy. All in all, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies are action – packed blockbusters, and if you saw his recent films, you know the man still has the skills to keep the audience entertained with his fighting, guns – operating and humor.

2. CharlizeTheron

– The picture displays half this actress’s face, allowing you to see she has blonde hair and green eyes. You can also notice she smiles.

– Letters Combination: HEHOZTL RIRACEN

– Charlize Theron is a blond South-African and American actress who was voted the World’s Sexiest Woman in 2007. Her hair and her smile are spectacular, but she burnt up the screen a few times with some hot sex and naked scenes. A Charlize Theron nude famous scene is the one in the Devil’s Advocate partnering Keanu Reeves.
– But this isn’t just a sexy woman, she is indeed a very talented actress. She’s won an Academy Award for a movie role where she had to gain weight to play a convicted serial killer in the movie Monster. However, the Charlize Theron movies list includes other famous silver – screen productions, such as Sweet November, Prometheus and the more recent A Million Ways to Die in the West.

3. Ewan McGregor

– In this picture you can see an actor’s half face, as the picture displays some of his red hair and green eye.

– Letters Combination: EMRGOEW GACNMAR

– This handsome Irish is successful in every type of movie he does: mainstream, art house and indie films. The Ewan McGregor movies list includes famous titles such as Star Wars, where he played the iconic Obi-Wan Kenobi, but also recent successful productions, such as August: Osage County.
– He’s a manly man who was not afraid to act in a musical alongside a gorgeous Aussie actress.

4. Kevin Bacon

– The picture shows you this actor’s forehead, but you can figure out he has blue eyes too.

– Letters Combination: NCBIEDG WAKVNAO

– This actor is the subject of a trivia game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, because it is actually true that every actor in Hollywood can be linked to him in just six steps.
– Although he plays a lot of bad boys, he’s a sweetheart in real life and he’s married to actress Kyra Sedgwick.If you are a fan, you know that the Kevin Bacon movies list includes famous titles such as Footloose, A Few Good Men, Sleepers, Mystic River, Hollow Man or R.I.P.D.

5. Julia Roberts

– This is a black and white picture displaying an actress’s half face, with a focus on her brown hair and eye.

– Letters Combination: ORXERLF IASUTJB

– In the 90’s, Julia Roberts was the prettiest woman in Hollywood, acting in rom-coms that became instant classics. Even if you still remember Julia Roberts nude in Pretty Woman, partnering a young and hot Richard Gere, she has an impressive movie portfolio proving she is a complex actress and not just a pretty face. The Julia Roberts movies list includes legendary titles such as Erin Brockovich, the Ocean’s Eleven series and the more recent August: Osage County. She is a multiple Oscar nominee and she won an Oscar Award for the part of Erin, too.
– She’s had a comeback with a movie where she played a woman who went to Italy and India to find herself, but this is not all about her. Julia Roberts’ brother, Eric Roberts has his own share of Hollywood fame too.

6. Dustin Hoffman

– This actor’s half face close up displays his cheek, nose and brown eye. You can see he is of age by the wrinkles.

– Letters Combination: FAIFGNS OMHNDTU

– This American actor is famous for his nose and a role where he played an actor who disguises himself as a woman to get a role in a soap opera. But the Dustin Hoffman movies list does not only include Tootsie, but a bunch of legendary movies such as Kramer vs. Kramer, Rain Man, Runaway Jury and the Graduate. His film career was awarded with two Oscars and a myriad of other awards.
– This Hollywood actor is also the man who uttered one of the most famous lines in movie history: “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?”. If you are a fan, you already know that by 2015, you will see a bunch of new Dustin Hoffman movies.

7. Jack Nicholson

– In this picture you can see an actor’s rather big nose and thin closed lips.

– Letters Combination: SCCHOAO IKJNNLN

– The famous Jack Nicholson Joker smile can be pretty intimidating, especially when he plays a not-so-funny character, which is quite a lot. The Jack Nicholson movies list includes a handful of legendary films, but the world will never forget how a young Jack Nicholson played the iconic role of Patrick McMurphy in One Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest or the troubled Jack Torrance in The Shining. The man is a monument of cinematography.
– He’s also a famous ladies’ man who’s been linked to many gorgeous celebs, such as Angelica Houston, Kate Moss, Lara Flynn Boyle and many more.

8. Nicole Kidman

– This actress’s half face close up shows her red hair, blue right eye, nose and mouth.

– Letters Combination: KCLOEDL MNINAPI

– This beautiful Aussie actress is one of the most prolific and successful actresses in Hollywood and she won an Academy Award for the portrayal of a British modernist writer. The Nicole Kidman movies list include iconic blockbusters, such as Eyes Wide Shut (remember the hot Nicole Kidman nude scenes?) and the surrealist drama Dogville.
– She was married to the famous Scientology – believing actor Tom Cruise and they adopted two children. She is now married to an American country singer and now Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have two stunning little daughters.

9. Mila Kunis

– In this picture you can see the half face close up of a young actress with dark brown hair and eyes.

– Letters Combination: INTLTUK AXYXMSI

– When Mila Kunis was 7 years old, she moved from the Soviet Union to America and she began acting. She was cast in a sitcom about teenagers in the 70’s. She starred in some pretty successful movies, such as Black Swan, Ted, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn and she’s involved in some future projects too. Those who have the hots for this beautiful actress know she set the silver screen on fire in the movie Boot Camp, as everybody just loved Mila Kunis nude scenes, not to mention the Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman sexy scenes in Black Swan.
– She is now engaged to Demi Moore’s ex-husband and is expecting a child.

10. Daniel Day Lewis

– This actor’s close up features his right side thick black eyebrow and dark brown eye.

– Letters Combination: YWELIDD AANEILS

– This British born actor is the only person in history to win the Academy Award for best actor three times. This means you need to see many Daniel Day Lewis movies, as he is a titan in cinematography. One such example to start with is Daniel Day Lewis’ Lincoln movie, a masterpiece of acting and screenplay.
– Daniel Day Lewis Oscar Awards are for his parts in Lincoln, There Will Be Blood and My Left Foot.