We know you’re just starting out, but Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition is turning out to be quite entertaining, isn’t it? It’s not too hard to play and the movie stars are quite famous. If you still have some issues with guessing the famous face, we’ve got two hints per movie star to guide you through the first level of the game. This game is getting more and more popular among movie lovers and celebrities’ fans and trust us, the game gets more challenging by the minute. You may know all movie stars, but sometimes, matching the face with the name is quite the task! But don’t worry, this is why we are here.

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Tom Cruise
Harrison Ford
Jennifer Aniston
Jim Carrey
Morgan Freeman
Bruce Willis
Daniel Radcliffe
Tom Hanks
Robert De Niro
Cameron Diaz

1. Tom Cruise

– The picture shows you a man’s half face, with a focus on his brown hair and green left eye. You can also spot some wrinkles over there.

– Letters Combination: IRAEMCS UNATBLO

– Although the inches aren’t on his side, this Hollywood A-lister has only had gorgeous women, the most famous being the Aussie actress Nicole Kidman, but Katie Holmes was a great catch too.
– The Tom Cruise movies list includes many blockbusters and iconic films, but the role that propelled him was that of a pilot in the Top Gun movie. He’s also played a vampire way before Twilight was even written. If you are a fan, you know that a new Tom Cruise movie can be seen in cinema almost every year. With three Oscar nominations, the man is a legend, both as an actor and as a public figure.

2. Harrison Ford

– The picture shows you a man’s face, with a focus on the central area, containing the brown eyes, nose, red cheeks and mouth.

– Letters Combination: FIRRHAO DQISNOR

– Harrison Ford has been in the most beloved Sci-Fi franchise in history and he’s also played an adventurer/archeologist. No matter if you are a Star Wars fan or an Indiana Jones fan, you know plenty of Harrison Ford movies, one of the most appraised in the last years being the movie Ender’s Game.
– He’s married to Calista Flockhart, a Hollywood actress who was famous in the late 00’s for her role as a quirky lawyer and her slim figure. We are talking about Ally McBeal, of course. Many people ask themselves how old is Harrison Ford and the answer is 72. However, despite his age, he is still good looking and up to star in a bunch of much – expected new movies.

3. Jennifer Aniston

– The photo shows you the face of an actress, with a focus on her blonde hair and green eyes, but other features are also visible.

– Letters Combination: ZNETBOL JNAKISN

– This sexy actress has been in one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, one with a bunch of friends living in New York. It is, of course, Friends, that we are talking about. Since that show, Jennifer Aniston played some great roles in a bunch of successful movies. The Jennifer Aniston nude (or semi – nude) scene in the recent movie We’re the Millers proved she is a very sexy lady and a great actress too.
– She was married to one of the sexiest men in Hollywood and she’s famous for her sleek, long hair and a penchant for starring in rom-coms. She won a Golden Globe and by 2015, you will see another three new Jennifer Aniston movies.

4. Jim Carrey

– The picture shows you the center area of an actor’s face, with a focus on his brown eyes and nose.

– Letters Combination: CRRZYIL JEMTBIA

– Jim Carrey is probably Hollywood’s funniest man and nobody can match his level of goofiness. He made history with his roles as The Mask, Ace Ventura, Lloyd Christmas and others, but there are also serious Jim Carrey movies which prove he is a very talented actor for drama too. He won 2 Golden Globes and the new installment of Dumb and Dumber To is said to be a hit.
– He intentionally and professionally chipped his tooth to play a silly character in a comedy starring a certain Jeff D. Today, the Jim Carrey movie list is too long to remember, but some of his legendary roles will survive the test of time.

5. Morgan Freeman

– The picture shows you an African – American actor, his right side brown eye and and some skin moles around the eye.

– Letters Combination: AEMNGAN MORRFEV

– The Internet is full of jokes that hint at the fact that Morgan Freeman should play God in all the movies where a God character is needed. Actually, there are many people who think Morgan Freeman is a God, given his acting talent and the Morgan Freeman voice, a trademark and an icon for our generation.
– He’s a prolific actor who started his movie career in the 60’s; he’s made a movie where he was driving someone somewhere and he was nominated for an Oscar for his performance. You can see this legendary actor playing the role of Nelson Mandela or talking about the universe in scientific shows. However, if you are into Morgan Freeman movies, you will be pleased to know that he is a very busy man and you will see many of his projects in cinema by 2015.

6. Bruce Willis

– The picture shows you an actor’s face with a focus on his nose and closed lips.

– Letters Combination: SEIBLRK DCUWXIL

– The current joke about Bruce Willis is that he simply cannot be killed in movies, although there is a certain asteroid movie where he does die.On the other hand, the man looks so great and badass despite his age, that many people reached the conclusion that he is immortal. There is a very long list of Bruce Willis movies, but just like a few other American actors, he specialized in action movies where he takes the cake with awesome fight scenes and delicious humor.
– He was married to a gorgeous actress who, after they divorced, went on to marry a young and funny actor. If you are interested in a new Bruce Willis movie, you will have plenty to watch by 2015, as he is too a very prolific actor. And musician, don’t forget that!

7. Daniel Radcliffe

– The picture shows you a young actor laughing, with a focus on his brown hair and right green eye.

– Letters Combination: VSRDNEF DFALIAC

– Hold on to your magic wand because this man is a wizard, but not in real life. Daniel Radcliffe is a Hollywood sensation and he became a legend with his Harry Potter role.
– We’ve seen him grow up on the big screen in a successful movie franchise and now he’s making a name for himself in the theater. However, there are some Daniel Radcliffe movies that are worth mentioning and you will see him soon enough again on the silver screen.

8. Tom Hanks

– The picture displays a black and white side view of an actor, but you can only see his nose and his mouth.

– Letters Combination: HKZAUCM TRHSZNO

– This actor and producer loves being in and producing movies about war and saving privates, although he doesn’t shy away from movies where he plays a kid trapped in an adult’s body or Meg Ryan’s love interest in a few good rom-coms. Tom Hanks is one of the few actors who can pull off both a comedy and a drama and do each of them majestically. Among the most famous Tom Hanks movies we have the legendary Forrest Gump, the magnificent (yet underrated) Green Mile, the iconic Captain Phillips and many other more. If you are in the mood for a new Tom Hanks movie, wait just a bit longer, as the man has a full agenda as both an actor and producer.
– He has one of Hollywood’s most enduring marriages, to a beautiful red haired actress.

9. Robert De Niro

– In this photo you can only see the actor’s gray hair and a cheek mole.

– Letters Combination: BRTODOE RIEONRT

– This American actor is probably the most famous actor of all times, as the Robert De Niro movies list includes almost 100 titles. He makes a terrific mob boss or villain every time and his demeanor hasn’t changed in all these years. He played some comedies too, revealing a genuine sense of humor and a human side one might overlook. He won only 2 Oscars, although he would have deserved more. If you’re expecting a Robert De Niro new movie, your wait is over, as his latest projects will roll out soon enough.
– He’s played a boxer, a taxi driver and a father-in-law with a shady CIA past, among other.

10. Cameron Diaz

– In this picture you can only see the actress’s lips and chin, and, of course, her gorgeous smile.

– Letter Combination: NEPRMCZ IRDOAAO

– This blond bombshell is famous for her infectious smile and positive attitude, not to mention a bunch of famous films. The Cameron Diaz movies list includes a few rom – coms, some legendary productions, such as There’s Something about Mary and Being John Malkovich, not to mention that she gave her voice to Fiona, adorable ogre Shrek’s female partner. While everybody seems to want to see Cameron Diaz nude, there is more to her than just looks. She has a talent for comedy and a sweet attitude that can melt an iceberg.
– She rose to fame in a comedy where she acted opposite a man in a mask. You guessed, she starred in the famous silver screen production The Mask, sharing the screen with Jim Carrey.