Game Circus scores big time with their new app 4 Pics 1 Movie! It is totally addictive and makes us want to advance more and more through levels. I felt that level 2 is far more engaging than the first one and I hope the answers below will help you avoid buying hints.As you know, if you get stuck or just can’t put your finger on that famous movie title, you can check this 4 Pics 1 Movie Level 2 Answers page and get your cinema knowledge up and running.

You should try on your own at first, but in order to get to the next level, you need to get all the 4 Pics 1 Movie answers for Level 2 right! Are you up to it? Let’s go!

Man Apart
Happy Feet
American Pie
Black Hawk Down
Fool's Gold
Jack Reacher
Angels & Demons
Man On Fire
Sin City
Dirty Harry

level 2-1: Cars
Traffic Gem
Red Car from animation movie

level 2-2: Brothers
4 sets of twins

level 2-3: Domino

Domino piece
Domino pieces in a row
Girl dressed in black

level 2-4: A Man Apart
Blue man in blue circle movie
Man and woman apart
Single silver ball in the middle of balls

level 2-5: Happy Feet
Blue penguin
2 pairs of feet, one animated

level 2-6: American Pie
USA flag movie
2 pies

level 2-7: Black Hawk Down
Black paint movie title
Brown hawk
Helicopter in the movie title
Orange graph with decreasing values

level 2-8: Fool’s Gold
1st of April in the red calendar
Happy clown
Many gold bricks

level 2-9: Jack Reacher
Jack of diamond movie title
Grey cat climbing
Halloween pumpkin movie

level 2-10: Angels and Demons

Statue representing angelic / holy being
Three pictures describing demons and evil

level 2-11: Man on Fire
Green male sign movie title
Man with his hair on fire
Men on fire movie

level 2-12: Barbershop
Black guy getting a haircut movie
Man shaving
Shaving tools picture

level 2-13: Sin City
Las Vegas totem movie
Red devil cartoon

level 2-14: Zoolander
Children at the Zoo
Lyon behind fence movie
2 airplanes

level 2-15: Anaconda
Snake in a tree cartoon
Brown snake film

level 2-16: Dirty Harry
Harry hand, harry chest
Black and white stamp
Vacuum cleaner title of a movie

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