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Logos Quiz Answers Level 3

Following our readers’ requests for answers for logo quiz level 3, we are glad to present you the cheats below. I would suggest to look up only those you struggle for more than 15 minutes to find the answer.
Otherwise you will not feel rewarded when level 4 is unlocked and may be tempted to search for level 4 logo quiz answers as well.
Seriously, the game is fantastic, these logos are hard to guess and is understandable to search for some of them especially when the business of the respective company is not somewhere near you. Please enjoy logo quiz answers, and share this page with others in search for logo quiz cheats. Do it if you appreciate our work and for other people to appreciate your search result.


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Non-governmental environment organization with green letter G in logo

Comes from several sources near Evian-les-Bains, pink logo with blue

Manufactures musical instruments, electronics, motorcycles

Mlticolored rectangle logo starting yellow, red, pink blue

American multinational energy corporation, red and blue stripes in logo

Known as walkers in the UK and Ireland and Chipsy in Egypt, yellow ball with a red stripe logo

Specialized agency of the United Nations that contributes to peace and security, its logo is a blue pantheon

Black circle logo with a dot in center, Home Box Office

Previously known as America Online, its logo consists in a blue triangle with a white circle inside.

American lager manufacturer, has a red papillon logo with a golden crown above.

United Colors of Benetton
Founded in 1965 by Luciano Benetton. Unexpected the logo is showing only green color and an indefinite geometrical shape containing 2 circles.

Mountain Dew
Refreshing Beverage consisting of 2 words. First is written in green and second in red. Only letters M and W were kept from original logo.

Letter R in a red circle. Nightingale in French.

American Eagle
Blue Eagle in image, very simple for Americans because of numerous shops around US the most important based in Time Square.

Taco Bell
What company founded Glen Bell? I a food services chain offering mexican dishes. The image shown a pink Bell.

Sesame Street
Green rectangle with 123 above, looks like a street name. And some more help: It’s a TV series for children.

Warner Bros
gold WB letters

Fox looking like flames around the Earth globe

Dunkin Donuts
Fresh coffee cup in pink and orange square logo. Coffee shops all over the world, famous for its donuts.

Black square logo with 1759 in it. It’s a beer made in Dublin.

Multinational Dutch electronics company with blue logo with 4 stars and 3 stripes looking like waves

Metallic circle with an horizontal lightning. Car manufacturer from Germany. Opel is named Vauxhall in UK.

Metallic circle with word sports in blue letters. If the games Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, The Sims, Battlefield don’t say to much to you, you are on the right place hence we give you the solution to any quiz.

Domino’s Pizza
Blue and red domino pieces in logo. Anything else? I think… Pizza

The corporation that produced the Oracle Database. Still don’t know what letters are missing from its logo. Starts with O and finishes with E. Red letters.

Swedish car manufacturer, very masculine logo, similar with male gender sign.

American car made in Detroit. Its brand image make you think to an airplane.

Tyres made in US. Red letter F in logo. The company has the same name as its founder: Firestone

US postal company initially called Federal Express. Small blue letter D and capital orange E in the image shown in logo quiz.

John Deere
Yellow deer on green in the image. It could have a name related to deer. For those who aren’t familiar with agricultural machinery, this could be a hard one. We help you saying that the company is owned by John Deer and has its name.:)

Small cars or Mini Cars. The company is owned by BMW Group and is covering small car niche on the market. Is very sporty for a city car and its logo looks like a front view of a plain.

Hot Wheels
The logo looks like a flame. Toy car, made by Mattle in 1968.

Telecommunication company based in San Diego. Q and MM blue logo.

Greek letter omega in red as logo, Omega brand made its appearance in all James Bond movies.

Biggest pharmaceutical company in the world since 1891. Its name is the same as its founder. Their specialists discovered most of the recent medicines. Blue logo with F letter.

Very easy to recognize from American movies the blue and yellow Seal. Under the red and white shield we can read 3 symbolic words for this organisation: Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity. Federal Bureau of Investigation was taken out of the logo for obvious reasons. Serves as both a federal criminal investigative body and an internal intelligence agency.

Railroad company in United States. For Europe and others sorry about this, you have to check our answers hence is very unlikely to guess it. The logo looks like a flag with blue stripes.

Sport clothes company established in 1911. The name is the same as its co-founders. blue and red capital F in logo.

Land Rover
Green oval logo. It’s a British car manufacturer, mainly 4×4.

American company responsible for these products: Geforce, nForce, Tesla, Tegra, Quadro. The logo is like an eye in a light green square.

Blue cat with green eyes wearing headphones. The company was founded by Shawn and John Fanning and is offering file sharing over Internet.

To easy to mention

Manufacturer of swimwear and swimming equipment. The logo is a red check sign simbolising speed in water.

What a car… Quattroporte, GranTurismo. Italian luxury car manufacturer with a red trident in logo. It is written Maserati not Masserati or Maseratti.

Founded by Henri Nestle in 1867, is now one of the biggest companies producing food. Logo with one bird nest and 3 birds.

Red letters J and I in logo. The company is from Japan and has the same name as its founder. Is offering hardware and software products.

It’s so well known that I actually don’t remember the name of this product before 3M’s Art Fry to invent it. The logo is even more straightforward, it illustrates 4 yellow sticky notes.

Clothing company founded in 1889 in United States. It was producing uniforms for railroad workers initially.

Internet services company operating from Beijing, in a campus with the same name as the company. The logo has letters du in an animal foot print.

New Balance
Footwear manufacturer from Boston. Red N and B in logo

Interested in conservation, research and restoration of the environment. Black and white panda bear as logo.

Chupa Chups
Everyone knows yellow sign from Chupa Chups

Video games developer from US. White H in a black rectangle with a red stripe underneath.

Red and silver shield, the name was removed. Is an Italian Motorbike manufacturer.

Korean car manufacturer, Starts with D and finishes with O.

Blue star logo with the name Chuck Taylor in it.

Unilever brand for care products with a grey bird in logo.

Clever quiz, letter N at the end was made to look like a J, therefore it wasn’t so easy to guess even using hints like U.S cable news channel founded in 1980 by Ted Turner

>T logo. Multinational company expert in outsourcing personal especially call center.

Red background white N and X. Offers rental movies services in US.

Shoe manufacturer popular for hiking, mountaineering, and casual wear. The logo is an orange tree in a circle.

UK largest retailer offering grocery and general merchandise. Red and blue logo, red capital letter and dotted line below.

United Nations
Organization established in 1945 for maintaining international peace. Light blue Earth globe logo

Software company offering GPS navigation systems. IN with a blue triangle on top in the quiz logo picture.

It produces dehydrated soup mixes and condiments. Use your hints or have a look to our solutions.

Spanish broadband and telecommunications provider in Europe and Latin America. The name starts with a blue T and is underlined.

National Geographic
Features documentaries involving nature, science, culture, and history. The logo is a yellow square.

American clothes for sport.

Jack Daniel’s
If you don’t know this you didn’t lived.

One of the largest Oil company from Holland.

Richard Branson founded this company which offers services in different aspects of life: Airlines, Music and many more.

Automobile made in South Korea. Red letter I in an oval in the image of quiz logo.

Founded 1872 in Italy, Milano, has become one of the 5 largest tires producers in the world. Recognizable letter P in logo.

Anyone has or had a card issued under their terms and conditions.

Don’t smoke, smoking kills!

Developed the Warcraft, Starcraft and Diable series and World of Warcraft. Logo with 2 Z letters.

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