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Logos Quiz Answers Level 2

Got through level 1 and stuck on answers for level 2 of logos quiz? As usual, this week again, we come up with the answers and hints for the logos in level 2. The quiz is really catchy and keeps you up all night, thrilled to get to the next level. The only problem is to get all hints and answers to keep you going.

Netscape logoPepsiArmani logoRoncatoAudi
Windows old logoSkoda logo quizDunlopDreamworks logos quizNintendo
nbc logoHarley DavidsonIMDB quiznivea logo quiz answersHeineken
Unicef level 2 logos quizAllianzChanelSwatch-crossA red logos quiz
Ikea logos quiz answers level 2F logo quizInterflora yello black logoCiscoWhirlpool game quiz
N K logos quizNokia-logos-quiz-KDodge-red-logoCambells logoHello-Kitty

IN N OUT BurgerRed C logo quizzlogo quiz level 2 shieldAtariWikipedia logo
SuzukiVerizonmonster green logoCorona crownAXA logo quiz
logo MercedesPanteneDakine logos quiz answer
Kleenex logos quiz answersAstonMartinlotto brandDaciared P logos quiz
CN logos quiz answerMSNblack Y logo quizToyota red logoRover
Lucas Arts yellow logonasaHondaFerrari horse logobackwards r logo quiz
Olay woman face logoIN logos game answersFordlogos quiz answer level 2white a in black circle
logo quiz answer htcMinute Maid hint logo quizSAP quiz logoYahoo!Chevrolet
green orb logoAlfa Romeo3 black stripes logo quizi e green letters logoChevrolet
Minolta blue sphere with stripes

Rover – British car manufacturing company logo – black trapezoid the yellow boat.
Lucasarts – American video game developer famous for LOOM, Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, has nine letters – yellow man with sun above.
Nasa – responsible for the space program and aeronautics and aerospace research – blue circle with red line on it.
Honda – everyone knows Honda logo I think, it’s a silver square with letter H in it.
Ferrari – well known black horse in a yellow square logo with Italian flag above.
Toys R Us – toy store chain headquarter in Way, New Jersey – logo with blue letter R with a star in it.
UPS – brown with yellow shield shaped logo
Coca Cola – no need for hints for this one isn’t it?
Olay – Skin care retail brand owed by Procter and Gamble’s – brownish face of a girl.
LinkedIn – white letters i and n in the blue square.
Ford – the name Ford was removed from the blue oval shape
Panasonic – ideas for live should say all. No need to mention P and c.
Suzuki – red letter S logo.
Verizon – Easy to spot, v and z letters help you enough.
Monster – green claws indicate initial of the brand.
SAP – German corporation founded as ‘System Analysis and Program development’ – blue trapezoidal shape with White P in it.
Yahoo – if you don’t know this try Angry Birds.
Chevrolet – same here.
Adidas – too easy.
Price – company founded by Robert H. McClure of Princeton – green i and e letters.
Dell – founded by Michael DELL – blue circle with E inside.
YouTube – this is so level one P.
Dodge – American car manufacturer – logo with red shield with a ram inside.
Corona – brand of pale lager produced by Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico. Yellow crown logo.
Axa – French global insurance group – blue square logo containing a red line and a white x.
Mercedes – just received a new hint for nothing.
Pantene – the name comes from Panthenol, a key ingredient, brand of hair care products.
Toyota – 3 tangent circles in different angles.
NBC – TV station represented by a rainbow above the name.
Dunlop – tennis player John McEnroe used this brand racquets, equipment for tennis, squash, golf, badminton and bicycle. Red arrow with capital D in top.
DreamWorks – American film studio – blue logo with a boy fishing on a moon.
Nintendo – ‘leave luck to heaven’i Japanese, multinational corporation based in Kyoto, developing games like Gameboy, NES, SNES – red and white logo, letter N followed by missing Intendo.
Allianz – core business and focus is insurance – circle with 3 blue stripes inside.
Harley Davidson – Motor Company
IMDB – gold plate logo.
NIVEA – blue rectangle with white text.
Heineken – Dutch beer made since 1873 – red square above a black label.
Chanel – fashion brand – double capital C in mirror looking like a chain.
Swatch – contraction of ‘second watch’ – logo similar with Swiss flag.
Adobe – Flash, Dreamweaver, PDF and Photoshop are some products of the company.
Ikea – Founded by Ingvar Kamprad – easy to recognize.
Facebook – we couldn’t figure this out. :)
Interflora – ‘flowers worldwide’ ‘say it with flowers’, organization of florists from 42 countries – logo with yellow and black medal representing a man with flowers in his hand.
Alfa Romeo – car manufacturer from Italy.
Sony Ericsson – founded in 1876 as a telegraph equipment repair shop by Lars Magnus Ericsson – the green ball is easy to spot but some friends of us found spelling difficult typing Sony Ericson instead.
Cisco – American multinational founded by Richard Troiano, Sandy Lerner, Len Bosack.
Whirlpool – manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances.
Nikita – Logo with black capital N and A, ikit was removed.
Nokia – telecommunication company – only letter K is disclosed.
Konica Minolta – formed by a merger between two Japanese imaging firms with slogan ‘the Essential of imaging’ – the logo is blue with white stripes.
Netscape – once dominant web browser in terms of share.
Pepsi – no need to explain.
Campbells’s – American producer of canned soups and related products – Red square logo with only ‘s at the end.
Hello Kitty – fictional character produced by Japanese company Sanriohas a sister Mimi.
In-n Out-Burger – chain of fast food restaurants from western US. The logo presents a yellow arrow.
Atari – video game and computer company founded in 1972.
Wikipedia – Earth Globe made from puzzles.
Tommy Hilfiger – fashion company founded in 1982 by the designer Hilfiger.
ABC – one of the big three television networks – the logo has a black circle with small letter a in left side.
HTC – manufactured first phone that used Android.
Minute Maid – product line of beverages usually asociated with orange juice and lemonade. Sold under Capy brand in Europe. Black square with white writing.
Roncato – luggage manufacturer from Italy founded by Giovanni Roncato. Capital R and V letters in logo.
Audi – 4 silver rings.
Windows – check your PC
Skoda – car manufacturer from Cehia.
Unicef – mother and child in light blue.
Giorgio Armani – fashion designer with a bird and G and A letters.
Dacia – subsidiary of Renault, Dacia Logan is the most successful model.
Dakine – name comes from Hawaiian pidgin word da kine. Outdoor apparel company specialized in sportswear. White mountains in logo.
Kleenex – blue handwriting
Aston Martin – luxury car manufacturer
Lotto – sportswear company – 2 squares overlapped.
Sony – Japanese multinational corporation – letter y is the only visible in logo, rest of them were hidden.
PlayStation – game company, one of the best sold console
Cartoon Network – American cable television that shows animated programming – white and black cubes containing C and N.
MSN – popular web based services in the late 1990′s most notable Hotmail and Messenger – blue, green, orange and yellow butterfly in logo.

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