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Logo Quiz Answers Level 3

Logo Quiz Answers Level 3
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National Geographic Channel
-This channel’s logo consists of its name, written in block all-caps letters, with the first two words in black and the third one in grey. To the left of the brand’s name there’s an upright yellow rectangle.
-The National Geographic Channel is also known as Nat Geo (which is a trademarked name). it’s owned by the society by the same name and it launched in 1997. It only airs non-fiction and most of its programming is self-produced. As of 2013, it has reached some 84 million households in the U.S..

-The logo is a silver geometric shape, reminiscent of a leaf or flower. Its two halves are symmetrical and it is based on the initial logo – a blue oval shape, with several curved lines within it.
-This South-Korean company was founded in 1967 and became defunct in 1999, when the local government decided to dismantle it, at the peak of the Asian financial crisis. Its name meant “the Great Woo” in Korean, after the name of its founder, Kim Woo-jung.

John Deere
-This logo depicts a yellow deer, stylized, and caught mid-jump. The deer is seen against a green background – a rectangle with rounded edges and a yellow border.
-This American corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of machines used in agriculture around the world. It was founded in Illinois and it’s still based there. It makes all sorts of such machines, including tractors, harvesters, planters, sprayers, etc..

-This very simple and explicit logo features the brand’s name, written in white cursive letters on a red scroll, which envelops a round, yellow, potato-like shape.
-Depending on where in the world you live, you may be familiar to these chips as Lays, Walkers, Chips, Poca, or Tapuchips. The company was founded in 1932 and has been owned by PepsiCo since 1965. On the potato chip market, this company is famous for the many flavors it has experimented with, in recent years, as well as for the fact that they have very little nutritional value (but a ton of salt).

Hot Wheels
-This logo features the brand’s name, written in a special font face, on top of a red, flame-like shape with yellow highlights toward the end of the flame.
-It’s a brand of toys, introduced by Mattel in 1968 and it’s one of the most famous ones out there to this day. Until 1997, its main competitor was Matchbox, which Mattel eventually managed to buy out. Many real-life carmakers have licensed Hot Wheels to produce miniature models of their cars, by using the original blueprints.

-The logo features the brand’s name, superimposed on a red, striped, ribbon-like shape, made up of two triangles.
-This beer brand draws its name from the German noun that means ‘someone from the city of Ceske Budejovice’. In German, this city, now located in the Czech Republic, was called Budweis. There are actually three companies that make beer and bear this name, but the American one is produced by Anheuser-Busch. It was first marketed as such in 1876.

Taco Bell
-The logo consists of a purple bell with a yellow tongue protruding from inside, against the backdrop of an indigo semi-circular shape.
-This brand is probably the most popular Mexican food chain in the world, best known for its hilarious series of commercials featuring a Chihuahua dog. They’re based in Irvine, California, and serve quesadillas, nachos, burritos, tacos, and most anything that qualifies as Tex-Mex food.

United Colors of Benetton
-This abstract green shape, made up of several crosses, a circle, and a semi-circle can also be spotted on the company’s products in white, against a green background – right next to the brand’s name.
-This fashion brand, based in the Italian city of Treviso, is one of the best known labels in the world. Its name stems from that of the founding family. It has over 6,500 stores in 120 countries and has repeatedly garnered media attention for its controversial advertising campaigns.

-This logo features the company’s name, made up of three initials. The white capital letters in italics can be seen on a black background, with a red line underneath.
-This company, which is no longer active today, used to produce software for various types of gaming consoles, wireless devices, and handhelds. Its name stands for ‘Toy Head-Quarters’, because in the early 1990s, it used to produce toys. One of its most famous titles was the Saints Row game series.

-This logo looks like the small yellow dial of a compass, framed by a silver circle, with two wing-like shapes, one extended on each side.
-Though this brand is strongly associated with the United States, nowadays it’s a multinational group, based in the Netherlands and created in partnership with a famous Italian automaker. In the old days, the initial American company was one of the U.S.’s Big Three car manufacturers.

-The logo features the brand’s name, written in red capital letters. Underneath the lettering, there are six blue dashes, which make up a sort of dotted line.
-Second only to Walmart, in terms of the biggest merchandise retailers in the world, this chain of stores is based in England, the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1919, as a group of stalls in the market and now has a market share of 30 per cent in the U.K..

-This famous logo features a wordmark, written in a specific white font, against the background of a red shape, with an angular outline at the bottom and straight edges on the remaining three sides.
-Closely associated with the American spirit, this brand of tobacco products is the best-selling one in the whole world. It’s produced by Philip Morris and is well-known for the ad character who bears the brand’s name and is usually featured as an All-American cowboy. The brand also sponsors motorcycle sporting events.

-The logo features the wordmark, non-capitalized, written in a white cursive font face, on a light blue oval shape.
-This company is one of the biggest players on the scene of pharmaceutical products. It’s based in New York and it sells some of the world’s best selling medicine: Lipitor, Diflucan, Viagra, Celebrex, and several others. It was founded in 1849 by two cousins, but only became a pharmaceutical company in the 1950s, with the discovery of Oxytetracycline.

-The logo features the wordmark, written in red cursive on a white background. The brand’s name is framed by scroll-like edges in green and yellow and superimposed on top of a green vertical rectangle.
-Though this brand of foods and beverages is German, it is currently owned by an Anglo-Dutch company, Unilever. It produces several types of foodstuff, but it’s best known for its dehydrated soup formulas, as well as for its lines of seasonings and sauces.

-This relatively simple logo features the wordmark, spelled out in red capital letters. Its most striking feature is the double circular shape atop the J and the I in the brand’s name.
-This Japanese company based in Tokyo is the second largest provider of IT services in the world, based on revenue. It’s second only to IBM. It’s known for the computing products it makes, but, in fact, it also offers telecommunication and microelectronics services. It’s listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has over 172,000 employees.

Land Rover
-The logo is a wordmark, spelled out against the background of a green oval shape, with a double white border.
-This company is British and specializes in four-wheel drive cars. It’s based in Coventry and, in 2008, it was purchased by Tata Motors. Its main competitor (and only older producer of four-wheel drive cars in the world) is

-This striking logo is the brand’s name, spelled out in a distinct red font, with a memorable capital initial V. There’s a strikethrough line underneath the wordmark.
-The most famous thing about this brand is the man behind it: entrepreneur extraordinaire Richard Branson. The brand is well-known for a lot of things, from travel to entertainment, to healthcare, transport, lifestyle, and even food and drink. In its history, there are some rather resounding failures, along with some popular successes.

-You may be familiar with this logo from numerous TV shows and movies that feature characters involved with this organization of the U.S. Government. The emblem is a blue circle with a coat of arms (that features red and white stripes, as well as a motto in Latin), plus thirteen golden stars.
-These initials stand for ‘Federal Bureau Investigation’. They represent an agency of the United States government which undertakes federal criminal investigation and is also in charge of all counterintelligence activities. It’s also the only agency allowed to investigate crimes on Native American territories.

-This logo is about as simple as they come: the brand’s name in white block capital letters, with black drop-shades for each letter. The wordmark is set against the background of a red rectangle.
-Ever watched an on-demand video online? Then you probably know of this brand, which delivers entertainment in most parts of the Western world. To date, it has amassed more than 26 million subscribers and has earned over $1.5 billion in revenue. It has also delivered over one billion DVDs worldwide.

-This distinctive logo features the name of the organization it represents, against the background of a rectangle with slanted laterals. The larger rectangle has been divided into several others, in the colors yellow, red, purple, and blue.
-This family owned business is best known for the racing events it governs. The brand’s name stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. Aside from U.S.-based races, it has also held exhibit races in Mexico, Australia, and Japan.

-Aside from featuring the brand’s name, this logo includes a stylized depiction of the brand’s best-known products: four square pieces of paper, in various shades of yellow.
-This brand is not patented by anyone at the moment: it used to belong to a company called 3M, but their patent ran out in 1997. The brand is not genericized yet either, but it’s hard to think of any other name by which you could call these small, usually yellow and square-shaped pieces of paper, with re-adherable strips of glue on their back.

New Balance
-This logo is comprised of the brand’s two initials, written in italic red capitals. The B is solid, while the N is made of red and white stripes, which suggest movement.
-Anyone who lives in Boston and wears athletic shoes knows about this brand, especially since it’s over one century old. They produce very popular models of sporting shoes, with all sorts of interesting technical features, such as heel counters and blended gel inserts.

-This very masculine logo features the male symbol (a circle with an arrow in the upper right-hand side) in metallic grey. Across the circle runs a blue line, on which the brand’s name is written.
-Sweden has a lot of well-known exports around the globe, but this brand of cars is probably the most popular one. Its name stems from Latin, in which it means “I roll”. This Latin-flavored name refers to the ball bearings used in the production of the cars. The brand name was first registered in 1911.

United Nations
-This very well-known logo features the map of the world in light blue, set against a circle, divided into several segments, with concentric circles within it. The circle is framed by two olive branches on both sides.
-You also know this logo as belonging to the UN, an organization founded in 1945, to promote world peace and cooperation in the wake of World War II. At the time, it only had 51 member states, but it has since expanded to include 193 of them. It’s headquartered in Manhattan, New York City.

-The logo features a stylized eye, made up of a spiraling, squiggled line. The left-hand half of the picture is black on white, while the right-hand side is white on light green.
-This American technology company is known to gamers the world over for the GPUs it produces, as well as for the SOCs it makes for mobile computing. Its famous GeForce line directly competes on this market segment against the similar Radeon line from AMD.

-This logo features the silhouettes of three birds: an adult and two chicks, depicted inside a nest resting on the branch of a tree.
-This Swiss food brand is responsible for making a lot of the products you probably have in your fridge and/or pantry. It makes baby food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee, tea, dairy products, snacks, pet food, etc.. Some of its most famous lines include Nescafe, Kit Kat, Nesquik, Maggi and Vittel.

Mountain Dew
-This famous logo was obviously inspired by graffiti designs. It features the brand’s name inside a graffiti bomb-like shape. The initial capital M is green, while the final capital W is red.
-This soft drink brand is a PepsiCo product, whose original formula was invented in 1940, in Tennessee. It has since become a very popular brand for kids, tweens, and teenagers, largely due to its caffeine content, as well as its association with the gaming and skating sub-cultures.

-This logo consists of the letter C, with a red semi-circle inside it. It’s available in various colors, though it’s most often featured in blue and white.
-There are actually several commercial brands with the same name around the world, but the most famous one is probably the sportswear brand, which is a subsidiary of Hanes. It’s actually Hanes’ second largest brand and, during the 1990s, it famously produced the uniforms sported by all the teams in the NBA.

-This logo features the name of this particular car brand, written on a black circle. The circle is bordered by two concentric circles in silver, as well as by a pair of stylized, angular spread-out wings.
-This brand belongs to a line of compact economy cars, first produced in the United Kingdom by the British Motor Corporation. The car in question became iconic during the 1960s and made a spectacular comeback in popularity during the late 90s. Nowadays, most industry commenters consider it to be the British counterpart of the German Volkswagen Beetle. It was named the second most influential car of the past century.

-This logo consists of a wordmark written in a very particular font face – made up of lines with rounded ends. The initial F is the most distinctive feature of the logo, since the bottom part of the letter is blue, while the upper part is red.
-Does an Italian-South Korean company strike you as an unlikely probability? Well, not only does such a company exist, but it’s also famous the world over for the sportswear it produces. Although the brand originated in Italy, in 1911, it was taken over by its South Korean branch in 2007 and operates in 11 countries worldwide.

-This very clever, eye-catching logo features the head of a cat, drawn in blue, with a pair of blue headphones on. The cat’s eyes are bright green and it appears to be smiling.
-There are two distinct online services focused on music with this name and logo. One was a peer-to-peer service, famously involved in an illegal download scandal in the late 1990s, which eventually had to cease operations because of a slew of copyright infringement claims. The current service provides digital music content, but does so lawfully, for a fee.

-The logo is yet another wordmark, spelled out in a fetching, italic blue font. It’s notable for the elegant initial capital T, as well as for the stroke underneath it.
-This internet and voice service provider is based in Spain, but operates almost all over the world, including Asia, North America, and South America. It’s headquartered in Madrid, Spain, and it aims to promote a European standard for hybrid set-top TV and broadband boxes.

-This rather self-explanatory logo features the black silhouette of a feline prowler, depicted mid-jump, as it reaches out into the air.
-This logo belongs to a very famous German company, specialized in producing footwear, both for athletes, as well as for casual wear. It was founded by two brothers in 1924, but as their relationship deteriorated, one of them went on to form Adidas, this brand’s main competitor. This company has famously sponsored many renowned football players, including Pele, Cruijff, and Maradona.

-This logo is made up of the three-letter brand name, written in red, and set out on a white background, within a red oval shape.
-This brand belongs to the second largest car maker in South Korea, which comes in right after the Hyundai Motor Company. This brand, established in 1957, managed to sell more than 2.7 million vehicles in 2012. In 2012, a 32.8 per cent share of the company was sold to Hyundai.

Jack Daniels
-This sophisticated logo is an updated version of a historic design. It features hand-written letter-like adornments on the edges, plus a specific font, both in block letters, as well as in cursive. The logo indicates both the brand’s origin, as well as the type of whiskey it is.
-This brand of sour mash Tennessee whiskey is the best-selling American whiskey in the world. To this day, it’s still produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee – interestingly enough, though, the distillery is located in a dry county, which means the company is forbidden by law to sell its products at stores and restaurants there.

-Since the name of this brand comes from two words ‘glued’ together, its logo goes to suggest just that. The first word is spelled out in blue and its final d is side-by-side with the initial capital E (in red) of the brand name’s second word.
-This American courier company has expanded to deliver packages all over the world. Its original name, from which it was abbreviated in the current form, was actually the name of the company’s air delivery division. The company is based in Little Rock, Arkansas and it is listed as FDX on the New York Stock Exchange.

-This sleek logo features a red shield with grey borders, sliced in half by a silver-grey shape that cuts across and seems to suggest a road.
-This Italian producer of motorcycles has its headquarters in Bologna. It’s owned by Audi, through the Italian subsidiary of the automotive giant, Lamborghini. It was founded in 1926 and its yearly revenue stands at EUR479 million.

-This logo features the brand’s name, spelled in a red font face. Its most distinctive feature is the capital P, whose upper curl extends over the rest of the letters that make up the wordmark.
-This company, based in Milan, Italy, is known for two things: the tires it produces, as well as its famous calendar, which it has been publishing since 1964. It’s the fifth largest tire producer in the world, but also runs a fashion project and a sportswear brand. The calendar has benefitted from the input of some of the world’s most famous models and photographers throughout the years.

-This is another self-explanatory logo, which denotes the brand’s very name. It’s a yellow shell, with an ample red outline, as well as red detailing.
-This company operates in the United States, but is originally Anglo-Dutch. It provides oil and gas products, it’s the second largest company in the world by revenue and it’s one of the six ‘supermajor’ oil and gas companies in the world. It’s also one of the most valuable companies in the world and topped the Fortune 500 list in 2013.

-This logo features the brand’s name spelled out in cursive red letters. It is set against a yellow flower with ten ‘petals’. The flower’s outline is a triple border in purple, red, and white.
-If you live in Europe and have ever had lollipops, either as a kid or as an adult, you definitely know this brand. It was originally used on lollipops and founded in Spain by a Catalan entrepreneur. Nowadays, the brand is associated with several other confectionary products and is owned by an Italian corporation.

-This logo features the brand’s name spelled out in blue and circled by a light pink shape. On top of the brand’s name, you can see three mountaintop-like shapes, reminiscent of the French Alps.
-This brand is almost synonymous with luxury, because it produces something as banal as bottled water. However, this water is harvested from several exclusive sources on the shores of Lake Geneva, which apparently justifies the price. The brand belongs to French group Danone nowadays.

-This suggestive logo features the wordmark, set atop three lines, which suggest tracks or the lines on a highway.
-This brand actually belongs to the National Railroad Passenger Corporation. It’s a publicly funded railroad company and it is managed for profit. It connects several cities across the United States via rail and operates 374 trains each day, across 51,000 km. It also operates in three Canadian territories.

-This logo features the brand’s name, spelled out in red capital letters. The letters are continuous – there is no break between them. A white line crosses through the middle of the letters.
-This company is probably the best known news channel in the world. It’s part of a larger mass media corporation and delivers news 24/7, throughout the globe. It’s your go-to source of real-time, reliable information from all over the planet.

-This famous logo consists of an off-white circle with a triple navy border: two of the three concentric circles that make up the border suggest stitches. Within the circle, there’s a five-point star, accompanied by the name of the brand’s creator, spelled out in cursive.
-This brand has become synonymous with youth culture, as well as with several sports, including basketball and tennis. What started out as a line of sports footwear has since grown to be associated with punk, grunge, hip-hop, and several other countercultures.

-This famous logo is a wordmark, spelled out in blue capitals. The initial V features a yellow segment, on the upper left.
-This bank card producer has a very famous slogan, aside from an easily recognizable logo. Its products are used all over the world and you probably have a card bearing their logo in your wallet. You can pay with these cards online, as well as in real life, with the aid of electronic POSs.

-This logo consists of two concentric circles: the inner circle is blue, while the outer one is silver-grey, with a blue border. Within the inner circle, there are several lines and arrows which form a complex geometric shape, reminiscent of war insignia.
-This Japanese company is best known for its motorcycles, but it actually produces a very wide range of items, including electronics, sports equipment, and musical instruments (think synthesizers).

-This brand is suggestively depicted by the stylized silhouette of a light grey dove, seen in flight, from one side.
-This brand is most commonly associated with skincare and hair care products. The brand is owned by multinational conglomerate Unilever and some of its most popular products include soaps, lotions, body washes, and deodorants.

-This logo consists of two downward pointing arrowheads. The top shape is blue and the bottom one is red and both are shaded, as if to suggest they are three-dimensional.
-Paradoxically, this is both one of the world’s best known companies, as well as one of the most maligned. That’s because it’s an energy corporation, active in every segment of the oil, gas, and geothermal extraction industries. They are active in over 180 countries all over the world and are one of the world’s six supermajor oil companies.

-This logo consists of a silver circle, cut in two halves by a lightning bolt-like shape, placed horizontally across the diameter of the circle.
-This German carmaker is part of the American General Motors company. It produces passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicle, and vehicle parts. Its products are distributed throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.

-This wordmark is spelled out in a distinctive black font. The block letters are striking and perhaps the most memorable feature is the final O, which contains a black circle.
-This premium cable and satellite TV network is owned by Home Box Office Inc., which is actually part of Time Warner. This channel is famous for being the oldest operating paid television service in the United States. Over the past couple of decades, it has also become recognized for the quality of its productions, be they series, documentaries or feature films.

-The most distinctive feature of this wordmark, spelled out in blue capital letters, is the way the two final m’s are spelled out. They form a continuous zigzagged line, with four upward-pointing angles.
-This semiconductor company based in San Diego, California, sells products and services for wireless communication. It is active in the satellite phone network industry and has been instrumental in developing standards for the mobile phone market.

-This famous beer logo consists of the brand’s name, spelled out against a black background. There are two gold lines included in the logo, one above the brand’s name and one below it. Below the brand’s name stands the word ‘draught’, in white capital letters. Above the name, there’s a golden harp, as well as the year the beer was first brewed.
-This is probably the best known stout in the world. It’s Irish, it’s dry and it was first made at St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland, by a brewer called Arthur Guinness. Today, it’s brewed in nearly 60 countries and sold in 120 of them.

-This logo consists of a silver oval shape. Its bottom part is dark blue, while the upper part is light grey. In the upper part there’s a red triton-like shape.
-This luxury car producer was founded in Bologna, Italy, in 1914. It’s part of the Fiat group and was initially associated with Ferrari. It has recently become a part of the group’s sports car segment, together with Alfa Romeo.

-This logo consists of a red capital F, enclosed in a shield-like shape, also red. The red F is set out against a white background.
-This tire company was founded in 1900 in the U.S. and aimed to produce tires for wagons and buggies. Soon thereafter the automobile industry exploded and the company pioneered the production of tires for cars. Today, it belongs to a Japanese corporation.

-This wordmark in pale blue is made up of the brand’s name, spelled out in a particular font face. The styling of the font seems to suggest that the letters have been clawed into the paper by a monster, or torn out of the paper.
-This developer, publisher, and producer of video games is an American company founded in 1981. Some of the most famous and popular titles it has produced include Warcraft, Diablo, and World of Warcraft.

Dunkin Donuts
-This cartoonish logo features a Styrofoam white cup of coffee. Two circular squiggles suggest the coffee inside the cup is steaming hot. The cup is branded ‘DD’, the brand’s two initials in orange and bright pink. The cup is enclosed in a square shape with rounded corners. The left-hand half is orange, while the right-hand one is pink.
-This doughnut company and coffeehouse chain was founded in Massachusetts in 1950. Ever since, it has become one of the largest coffee and baked goods companies in the world. It now operates more than 15,000 restaurants in 37 countries.

-This endearing logo features the black and white silhouette of a panda bear facing forward.
-The initials that make up the name of this organization stand for ‘world wide fund for nature’. It is the biggest independent organization for wildlife conservation in the world. It has more than 5 million supporters in the whole world and is active in over 100 countries.

-This famous logo is an orange arrowhead, pointing to the right-hand side of the image. The points of the arrowhead are slightly rounded.
-This Australian company, founded in Sydney in 1914, is famous the world over for its swimwear and accessories for swimming. It’s the leading company in this industry and also produces wrist watches and mp3 players nowadays.

-This wordmark consists of the brand’s name, spelled out in black capital letters. The letters are reflected below. There’s a blue triangle pointing upward, on top of the final N that makes up the brand’s name.
-This company was initially American, but became Swiss in 2010. It produces technology for consumer goods, but also for the aviation and marine industries. Its products are employed by GPS (Global Positioning System) devices. To date, it has sold more than 126 million GPS devices.

-This circular logo includes a stylized, brick-red, yellow and orange fox, with its back turned on the onlooker. It’s seen coiled around the bottom part of a blue globe.
-Possibly the world’s best loved web browser. It is open-source and free, it’s compatible with the Windows OS, but also with OS X, Linux, and Android-powered mobile devices. It’s the third most popular browser in the world.

-This stylized, geometric logo is designed in blue. The inner circle contains two pairs of four-point stars, one on the left-hand upper side and the other one on the right-hand lower side. There’s a triple wave-like shape in between the two sets of stars. The circle is contained within a geometric shape with a rounded bottom and a straight upper part.
-This Dutch brand produces a lot of appliances and electronics – its main areas of focus are healthcare, consumer lifestyle, and lighting. It’s one of the largest companies in this field in the whole world and has over 122,000 employees in more than 60 countries.

-The logo of this brand is self-explanatory: it is the blue silhouette of an eagle, shown in flight, with its wings stretched out, just as it is about to land. The choice of color is a reference to the blue on the American flag.
-This airline brand name operates regional flights for several airlines and it does so on behalf of American Airlines. Among the airlines it services stand Envoy Air and Executive Airlines.

Domino’s Pizza
-This clever logo is made up of a square, half red, half blue. The two halves look like domino pieces, which, of course, is a reference for the brand’s name. The red domino piece displays one white dot on its upper half and two white dots on the bottom.
-This American restaurant chain has expanded to include a pizza delivery franchise, which is active all over the world. It’s the second largest pizza chain in the U.S., coming in right after Pizza Hut, but it’s the largest one worldwide.

-This simple logo is made up of a white capital R, which looks like it was written in cursive. The letter is horizontally amplified and it’s inscribed inside a bright red circle.
-This brand is closely associated with skiing, since it’s famous for producing equipment and clothing for this sport, but also for other snow sports. Its name means ‘nightingale’ in French and, though French by origin, it is owned by Quiksilver nowadays.

-This famous logo is a wordmark in bright green. The choice of color is clearly not accidental and it directly ties in with the brand’s name and the activities of the organization it represents. The font face used for this logo is reminiscent of graffiti and of writing in cursive.
-This is probably the world’s most famous NGO and its name has almost become synonymous with activism on environmental issues. The organization is no stranger to controversy as its members sometimes resort to extreme gestures and forms of protest, such as tying themselves to oil rigs in the Arctic.

-This logo is yet another wordmark, spelled out in a blue font face. The distinctive trait that this logo displays is a ‘greater than’ sign, on top of the letter ‘t’ in the brand’s name.
-This company deals in management consulting, technology services, recruiting, and outsourcing. It’s headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and it’s the world’s largest consulting company by revenue. It’s got some 280,000 employees in 56 countries.

-The logo depicts a massive capital C in black. Its very distinct shape also seems to suggest a wave. The bottom part of the letter is massive, in stark contrast with the circular shape in the upper part of the logo.
-This U.S.-based clothing company has been making work clothes for over 120 years now! It was founded by Hamilton Carhartt and it is still owned by his descendants, to this day. It has remained a family-owned business, and it’s based in Michigan.

-This geometric logo consists of a circular shape, enclosed by three triangular arrowhead-like shapes, with a rounded bottom part. All the shapes are three dimensional.
-The name of this brand stands for America OnLine. The company behind the brand is a multinational mass media corporation. It develops brands and websites and distributes content digitally, but it’s best known for its homonymous online software suite. In 2000, this company purchased Time Warner.

Electronic Arts
-This logo consists of the two letters which also make up the brand’s name. The capital E and A in question are designed with many striking angles and lines. The logo is a dark shade of blue, usually set against a white background.
-This company is also referred to as EA and has an affiliate called EA Sports. Famously based in Redwood, California, it’s probably the best known developer, marketer, and publisher of video games in the whole world. It was founded in 1982. To date, some of its best known titles are FIFA, Mass Effect, the Star Wars game franchise, and Need for Speed.

-This logo is also rather self-referential of the brand it represents. It depicts a tree with many angular branches, contained within a circular shape. Both the tree, as well as the patch of soil it shoots up from, are designed in brownish yellow.
-This brand is best known for its outdoor clothing and casualwear. It’s an American company, which also sells watches, glasses, and all sorts of leather goods (bags, shoes, etc.). It regularly makes the list of the best companies to work for in the world, owing to its CSR policies.

-This logo features a paw mark in intense blue, with four digits and the syllable ‘du’ in white, on the bottom part of the logo.
-Popularly referred to as ‘China’s Google’, this brand actually offers a lot of different services. Aside from the search engine function, it also provides a collaborative encyclopedia and a discussion forum. It was founded by two Chinese nationals in the year 2000.

-This logo is very simple and self-explanatory: it depicts a letter of the Greek alphabet in burgundy. The name of the letter in question is also the name of the brand it stands for.
-The logo belongs to one of the world’s best known producers of luxury watches. The company is based in Biel, Switzerland. This particular brand became the official watchmaker for both the British Royal Flying Corps in 1917, as well as for the American army, in 1918. They were also the first watch on the moon, as provided by NASA.

Warner Bros
-This is one of the most popular logos associated with the filmmaking industry. It features two capital letters, a W and a B, placed inside a coat-of-arms-like shape. The letters, as well as the outline of the coat of arms, are golden yellow, while the background is an intense shade of blue.
-This logo belongs to one of the world’s largest and most famous film production studio. As for its history, contrary to popular belief, there were never any actual Warner brothers at Warner Bros Pictures, or Warner Bros Entertainment, as it’s alternatively referred to.

-This brand is yet another wordmark, spelled out in a specific font. The name of the brand is spelled in red capital letters, with easily recognizable rounded corners.
-This is the logo of a multinational computer technology corporation based in the United States. It develops and sells computer hardware, as well as several software products, including database management systems.

-This popular TV show has an easily recognizable logo: a green street plaque, topped off by the number ‘123’ written in white. The name of the street in question is written on the plaque, which also displays a yellow border and rounded corners.
-Spanish speaking audiences may be familiar to this popular kids’ show as ‘Barrio Sesamo’. This logo belongs to a very famous children’s TV show, which featured Jim Henson’s famous Muppets characters. The show blends education, humor, and cultural references and it premiered in 1969.

-This logo comprises a frontispiece reminiscent of an ancient Greek or Roman temple, drawn in blue. The temple’s ‘columns’ are the initials which make up the brand’s name, spelled out in elongated, thin capital letters.
-This agency of the United Nations promotes collaboration among the UN’s member states through education, science, and culture. it has 9 associate members and 195 member states. It also promotes respect for justice and human rights.

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