Here we are at the first level of the awesome and addictive game 4 Pics 1 Word 7 Letters. The biggest hint we have for you that you need to remember for as long as you’re playing this game is that, like the title says, each answer word has 7 letters. This level is quite easy, but as you move on up, the words are going to be harder and harder to guess. Still, you shouldn’t give up, we’re here to help you! So, let’s get to work and let’s see what the 4 Pics 1 Word 7 Letters Level 1 answers are! Remember that we have all the 4 Pics 1 Word 7 Letters Quiz Answers, so don’t forget to come back and bring your friends too!


– This human-powered, pedal-driven vehicle is a cool and eco-friendly means of getting around. It was invented by the German Baron Karl von Drais in 1820 and it didn’t look too much like what we have today on our streets and in our homes. It was made of a wooden frame and had a rider that sat upon it. There were two in-line wheels, much like we have today, but there were no pedals.
– Today, there are more of these vehicles in the world than there are cars. You can use them to work out, ride to work and even ride on harsh mountain terrain. They’re used in the Tour de France and without them we would all be much plumper!

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