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Levels 1-10 (10)
Levels 11-20 (10)
Levels 21-30 (10)
Levels 31-40 (10)
Levels 41-50 (10)
Levels 51-60 (10)
Levels 61-70 (10)
Levels 71-80 (10)
Levels 81-90 (10)
Levels 91-100 (10)
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Step by step, with or without our help, you reached Level 4 of 4 Pics 1 Movie! by Game Circus. As usual, we provide the answers below for those of you who don’t mind cheating a little. The app is fantastic and I have waited more than 3 hours for the 4th level to be unlocked. Kudos Game Circus for this quiz!
So you can go on with your movie quest by taking a peek at the 4 of 4 Pics 1 Movie Level 4 Answers page! Remember, you should do this on your own, but just in case you don’t know where you stand with these films, the 4 Pics 1 Movie answers we provide you are a great starting point!
4 pics 1 movie level 4 answers 4 pics 1 movie dalmatioan dog bread boys 4 pics 1 movie superhero steel 4 pics 1 movie salt spy spices woman with pistol
4 pics 1 movie level 4 answer dynamite and black paint 4 pics 1 movie game circus llc golf court and hole cheese 4 pics one movie angel girl, city skyline 4 pics one movie answers level 4 iceberg, princess in blue, ice cubes
4 pics 1 movie answers game circus boy scout, red sign and crying boy 4 pics 1 movie pizza, diver, blue paint and shark level 4 sunrise, sunset and forest 4 pics one movie level 4 cheats superhere, red thumbs down sign, medic
4 pics 1 movie, wolf, man with glasses 4 pics one movie calendar, girl working out, weather sign 4 pics one movie eye, europe map, kid with sward 4 pics 1 movie level 4 hawk, eagle, models and woman

Level 4-1: Cast Away
Woman with broken hand,
Movie about 2 men fishing
“Be right Back" Sign
Man of an island icon

Level 4-2: Bad Boys
Dalmatian dog breaking something
Dirty cloth picture
Angry boy
2 boys fighting

Level 4-3: Man of Steel
Male sign on blue font;
Superman icon movie;
Slab Bars made from metal.

Level 4-4: Salt
Salt spilled;
Man in black with red eyes icon;
Food Ingredients;
Movie about a girl in black with gun;

Level 4-5: Black Dynamite
Black roll of paint;
Red Dynamite with clock;
Movie about black stained wall;

Level 4-6: Holes
Golf Hole;

Level 4-7: City Of Angels
2 Beautiful kids with Angel wings;
Movie in a city with skyscrapers;

Level 4-8: Ice Princess
Iceberg and ice cubes are giving us the first word from the movie title;
Blonde princess with blue dress photo;

Level 4-9: Boys Don’t Cry
3 kids’ photo;
Boy crying flick;
The sign not forbidden;

Level 4-10: Deep Blue Sea
Pizza slices with cheese on it;
Blue paint bucket;
Shark swimming;

Level 4-11: Skyfall
Sunny sky;
Beautiful autumn photo with rusty leaves;
Man falling down the stairs;

Level 4-12: Superbad
Superman icons;
Dislike red icon;
Doctor and patient crying picture;

Level 4-13: Coyote Ugly
Coyote yelling at the moon;
Movie with ugly man;

Level 4-14: Training Day
Man and women exercising;
Calendar with a day in red;
Meeting room;
Sun and moon icon;

Level 4-15: I Am Legend
Women eye;

Level 4-16: Ladyhawke
Lady with nice red lips;
American Hawke;